Healing Presence Project

This CD was conceived in an organizational effort of Mercy Gate Church to pray for those with cancer at our local Relay for Life event.  As  we prayed and discussed ways to best minister to those who are sick, and idea  was given to print out and give away scriptures touching on God’s healing.  We  then decided to record the children from Carmi Christian School reading these scriptures with comforting, healing music in the background.  This all seemed  very divinely inspired.  So we launched out with prayerful hearts to put  together a project that would facilitate divine encounter, bringing both healing  and comfort to those suffering with illnesses.  Our prayer is that as you listen  to this CD you would encounter the living Christ in both His compassionate heart  and power to heal.  May the Word of the Lord run swiftly in your presence and be  glorified as you listen (2 Thess. 3:1), and may your childlike faith be fostered  as God’s Word is heard through the mouths of Children (Rom. 10:17; Matt.  19:14).
-Pastor Steve Norris
The  Cross 4:57 Isaiah 53:4-5; Matthew 8:16-17; 1 Peter 2:24; 1  Corinthians 5:7; 1 Corinthians 2:2; Psalm 105:37
Confession and Forgiveness 3:42 James 5:14-16; Psalm 103:2; Jeremiah 30:17; Deuteronomy 7:15; Exodus 23:25;  Isaiah 33:24
Word, Spirit, Power 3:31 Ephesians 6:17; John 6:63; Hebrews 4:12; Psalm 119:130; Romans 8:11; Proverbs  4:20-22; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5; Psalm 119:89
Prayer and Fasting 6:27 Luke 11:9-13; Matthew 6:9-13; Psalm 30:2; Ephesians 1:18-20; Jeremiah 33:3,  6; 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12; Matthew 10:1; Mark 16:17-18
Faith 7:06 Ephesians 6:10-18; Mark 11:22-24; Romans 15:13; Galatians 3:5; Hebrews  11:1-6; Romans 10:17; Ephesians 2:7-8; Mark 9:23; Mark 5:26; Psalm 23:4
Jesus  Heals 3:46 Matthew 9:35; Matthew 15:30-31; Luke 4:18; Acts 10:38
The Healing Shelter 2:16 Psalm 91:1-16; Malachi 4:2; Proverbs 3:7-8
Fear Not Little Flock 9:31 Psalm 27:1; Psalm 56:3; Psalm 56:11; Psalm 118:6; Proverbs 3:25; Proverbs  28:1; Isaiah 41:10; Romans 8:15; 2 Timothy 1:7; 1 John 4:18
Scriptures were read from the New Living Translation.   Apostolic prayers were prayed from the New King James Version using substitute  pronouns for relevance.  The fear Not Little Flock scriptures were read from  the King James Version.
A special thanks to all those involved with this project from  its inception to its evolution, and finally to its completion.  May it produce  treasure in Heaven which moth and dust cannot destroy.
Music on tracks 1-4, 7-8 performed by Mercy Gate Harp N Bowl  prayer / worship team.  Track 5 performed by other instrumentalists who are  friends of our ministry.  Scriptures read by students of Carmi Christian  School.  Digitally recorded and mixed at Mercy Gate.